Sunday, October 28, 2012

Selling Silver Is A Big Thing In Today's Market

In recent years the market for precious gems and stones has grown. In this market, Silver has constantly grown and shown the most promise. One of the great things about silver is that it's just not found in jewelry or coins; much of the silver sold is in the form of dinnerware, antiques and other house hold items. There is also a variety of businesses and buyers who would be interested in all different types of silver items. First determine what form of silver you have to decide what your market will be.
First determine what form of silver you have, say if you have a collection of silver dinnerware, you could take it to an auction, antiques store or somewhere that will melt it down. Be on the lookout however for scam artist who will give you less then what your collection is actually worth. Check for state credentials and licenses. It would be advised to have a third party first verify the worth of your silver to ensure non bias opinions.
It is important to find your silver's weight and purity. Knowing more about what you have to sell will help you when the time comes. Separate your silver from karats and product, scraps, jewelry etc. The more valuable items you believe you have the more you should look for higher end buyers but if you have generic silver pieces and scraps the conventions and pawnshops will probably pay slightly under the metals value.
When selling silver coins, the purity and weight are a factor but there are some other values involved. How rare is the coin or how sought after is it? The coin may not have a lot of value as far as pure silver goes but may hold a lot of value to the collector. This may be a better avenue to explore when deciding to sell your silver coin collection. But like any other collectable, having a complete or nearly complete set will be worth much more.
Sterling Silver is stamped with "Sterling", "Ster", ".925" or have a mark or symbol indicating that it is Sterling Silver and not plated or stainless steel. By law, Sterling Silver must contain at least 92.5% pure silver. For Silver jewelry, it is stamped with.800,.950,.830,.900 and so on, this is showing the purity to the one thousandths place, for example.900 would be 90% pure silver. Once you have the purity level, weigh the items and figure out how much of the weight is pure silver by the percentage of the purity. This will help determine the value of your silver. It is advised however to speak with a professional in the industry to get the correct value.
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